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Does a professionally designed restaurant menu always cost big bucks?

January 31, 2017
In: Restaurant menu design tips

No, not always. As a professional menu designer I experience down time, just like every business. So what do I do during the slow months? Open an Etsy store, of course! Stop by often as I’m always adding new designs!

In my store you’ll find easy to edit Adobe InDesign menu templates for professional and unique menus starting at just . If you don’t have the time or the inclination to edit the templates yourself, for just . per page I’ll enter all your information and change the colors to match your branding. Additional customization is also available on request. 
Of course, If your looking for a custom designed menu I’m always available for those too! 

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Time to review your restaurant menu for seasonal changes.

September 13, 2016
In: Restaurant menu design tips

Seasonal menu offerings are a great way to test the waters on new items and take advantage of locally sourced seasonal produce. With summer coming to end we turn our thoughts to fall.

My garden is bursting with greens at the moment! The chard is growing a mile a minute (well, not quite). My favorite way to prepare it is sautéd in a garlic, parsley butter (which I make in large batches and then freeze in small portions ready for use), deglaze the pan with a little chicken broth and cook until desired tenderness (about 5 min). Serve with a little fresh parmesan grated over the top and you have a wonderful fall vegetable side.

Squash, leeks, chard, Brussel sprouts? What will you want to add to you fall menu offerings? Your restaurant menu should be alive and ever changing. Seasonal reviews of your menu give you the opportunity to cut waste on low selling items, introduce new items, and venture into new food trends. Even your regulars will enjoy a change up every now and then!

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Where is it written that imagery on a restaurant menu must be food?

July 18, 2016
In: Restaurant menu design tips

When this Hollywood, CA restaurant and bar decided to do some remodeling they also wanted a redesigned menu to match the new look. The Den on Sunset’s mascot is a bear, a big black bear! Playing on the bear den theme the manager purchased a variety of vintage postcards featuring bears and the great outdoors. Those became the imagery for the new menu. Mixing in some of my 50s vintage postmarks give a wonderful vibe of the place being a destination.  

This clean, easy to navigate menu layout allows for a great balance between the postcards and the food selections, with all the white space neither compete for your attention.

Thinking about a menu redesign? I’m here for you!

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What a great restaurant menu! Engineered to succeed.

July 05, 2016
In: Restaurant menu design tips

Starting with the enticing item descriptions and the use of key words - fresh, crispy, tavern-made. This menu is engineered to make you want to order one of each!

Highlighting and boxes draw the eye to the high profit items. The playful pairing of illustrations with the food photos make this a hard working menu.

Notice the lack of currency signs, leader dots and offsetting the price! The focus of your menu should always be the great food, not the price.

In the market for a new menu design? I’m always available to help! 

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How often should you update your menu?

June 23, 2016
In: Restaurant menu design tips

As often as you need to. According to industry experts, it’s pennywise and dollar foolish to continue to use a menu who’s pricing and menu items are loosing you money. Your menu is only 6 months old, but:

  You are finding that certain items aren’t moving = waste of fresh ingredients.

  Customers are not finishing the half lb burger = waste. Change to third and keep the same pricing.

  Food costs have increased. That 8.95 steak costs nearly that much to make!

A few tips that can take the sting out of the cost of revising your menu.

   Invest in menu jackets with sleeves.
   Invest in a good quality laser printer and print in house on card stock.
   Use short run printing services.
   Be sure to return to the original menu designer for updates.

I archive all my customer’s projects. They can come back years later and I will still have their original files to work with.

On this newly updated menu this smart restauranteur not only decreased the size of his burger, but also added a grilled chicken breast option without ever needing to change the recipes!

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